Ma Dame Debbie Webster

Ma Dame Debbie Webster & husband TonyFrom small rural communities around the province . . . to the big city . . . and back to the country again! She grew up on the family homestead near Tilley then farmed near Markerville. Adjusting to life in Calgary came ‘naturally’ as rural folks are generally pretty flexible. Upon retirement, Tony took Deb back to the family ranch in the foothills.

Deb likes trying new things, which has made an interesting journey. She’s farming again too . . . composting worms are her livestock. Tony and Deb are enjoying life on the Webster Ranch managing a small cow/calf operation and welcoming visitors to Chimney Rock Bed and Breakfast.

“Ma” Dame Debbie developed the concept of Dames on the Range when guests started asking if there was anything else to do when they stayed. Involving others in this venture has been a benefit for everyone – partners and clients! Wonder what’s around the next corner?